Paul D.

Having waited 5 years for major abdominal surgery to remove a large aneurysm, I was keen to strengthen my muscles again so I could quickly gain my mobility back.  Tanya completely put me at ease. I had no idea what Pilates was and was very nervous about any pains the exercises might cause me.  I soon realised I didn’t need to worry.  The exercises were gentle, doable and supported me through a safe recovery.  I’ve gained back control of muscles that have caused me problems my whole adult life.  I have just been back for my 12 week check-up with the hospital and I’m told that I am an anomaly and my progress is far beyond what was expected.  I’m still to take things carefully, but even though I still don’t understand the mechanics of the deep muscles  (I just know it works!), I’ll still keep taking Tanya’s advice to continue my progress.

Paul, age 76 years young