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Hi, I’m Tanya, and this is my pooch Maggie

It was a few years ago now that I started Intensys Life, with the aim of helping others and their well-being. 

If you don’t understand what Pilates is, or what it can do for you, then I understand…. this was me before I found Pilates too.  

Have a look around and see how I can help you.  Any questions?  Just contact me.

Tanya xx

How Can Pilates help you?
What we do

Some of our classes from our on-line

membership programme…

150+ recorded sessions available to access 24/7. Plenty of variety of themes to choose from to suit all.

Rehabilitation : Sciatic Nerve

23 minutes
Suitable for all
Prop Required:  resistance band or long towel

Back Care

59 minutes
Suitable for all
Props Required:  none

Video Short:  Foam Roller

21 minutes
Props Required: 90cm foam roller

More about our Pilates services

Online Classes

All classes accessible from your own home

LIVE classes: Mon, Wed, Fri
150+ RECORDED sessions available 24/7

One on One Support and Rehabilitation

Looking for an instructor who understands your particular needs? 

Then maybe our support and rehabilitation sessions are for you.

Distance is no longer an issue.
Our sessions are just as successful on-line.

* Hypermobility (EDS/HSD) specialist
* Rehabilitation specialist
* Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Specialist

Local mat-work classes

Group mat-work classes at your local hall in Leicestershire.

Small classes, guaranteed to be looked after.  Fun, supportive, friendly groups

Awaiting Government guidelines tO RE-OPEN face to face classes

Local reformer classes

Group Reformer classes at your local studio in Leicestershire.

Micro classes in a fun, supportive friendly environment

awaiting government guidelines to re-open face to face classes

You go this far? Great!

A little more about me and why I love to help you live your life to the full with Pilates ….

I am passionate about sharing my love of Pilates. For me personally, Pilates has saved my life…taking me from a very poorly and immobile place, to now being strong enough to continue life like everyone else. It could help your health and well-being, and maybe you’ll gain a love of Pilates too. x 

Given my background of how I found Pilates and how it saved me, I have learned (and continually learning) on how exercises can be adapted to help individuals. Because we are all different right?

As such,, here at Intensys Life, we aim to provide you with that personal support, whether it be in a class in a hall or in an on-line LIVE class. Book a free consultation with us to see how we can help you. Unless of course, you are happy that you don’t need that personal support, and you just want to jump straight in… then please, do go ahead.

If you are looking for further inspiration then be sure to see how Pilates helped me.

Finally, don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the reviews and testimonials left by those who have attended classes or worked with me for one on one support/rehabilitation care.

Tanya x

PINK RIBBON Post Op Rehab Specialist