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Local Community Classes

Reduce your aches, back and joint pains with our Pilates classes.
You’ll feel the difference!
It’s time to get your Life back on track.

If you are looking to join a local community movement class, to manage those aches and pains, then you are in the right place!

Pilates movement is proven to help reduce those back and joint pains, helping your body to feel more free (and even a little bit more floaty 😊). You will notice an increase in your flexibility and mobility, a strengthened body and increased muscle tone…all with an improved posture to boot!

Join one of my classes and see what Pilates can do for you.

I’m Tanya, the founder of Intensys Life and I run classes in Leicestershire UK.

Our friendly group members will confirm that our classes are fun and enjoyable and everyone is welcome, not matter what your ability.

You’ll leave the class, not only with a smile on your face but with less aches and pains, feeling much better in yourself, both in body and mind.

Venue (and class days / times)

Classes run at the St. Gregory’s Hall in Sileby, Leicestershire.
This is a lovely, modern hall, comfortable both in the summer and winter.

Classes run on:

Monday Mornings and Evenings.

Class times (suitable for all levels):

0930 hrs, 1830 hrs, 1930 hrs

New class begins on 4th April 2022:

1030 hrs: Beginners class

helping you with those back pains!


* some classes are fully booked * Please check for availability

Class schedule

See below for our schedule and timetable of class weeks that run in the community
Check the venue for specific days/times of classes within these weeks.
Grey colour indicates no classes running.

Click on the image to enlarge/zoom in.


Our super value pricing has been set so that you receive so much more than just your standard class. 

You’ll just never miss out and that is our aim!

Scroll down to find out more

Super value class blocks…

Classes are purchased in 5 class blocks*1, providing you with super value (at just £7.25 a class)

Your class block booking also secures your space in the room.

Also, as a valued class member, you are eligible for discounted access to our on-demand members site… see our exclusive combo offer below.

Worried about missing a class in a block?

Sometimes life gets crazy and you’ll just need to miss a class. Be it illness or an ultra important appointment. It happens to us all!

Not to worry…here at Intensys Life, we don’t like you to miss out.

Simply contact Tanya at intensyslife@outlook.com or 07780 626 319 and request a ‘missed class’ voucher for a 24hr pass to our on-demand members site (where you can access as many of our pre-recorded videos as you wish, within a 24hr period). Bargain ❤

Trial session or ad-hoc basis…

Want to trial a single class? or book on an ad-hoc basis based on availability?

Class cost is just £8.50.

Exclusive combo offer…

Available to our valued class members only (who have purchased a 5-class block)…

Our combo offer enables you to combine your face-to-face classes with access to our on-demand members site and access to all LIVE on-line classes, at an

exclusive price of just £6.00*2 extra

Our on-demand membership access retails at £14.99/month!

Our on-demand membership site has hundreds of pre-recorded videos to choose from, with plenty of variety (themed sessions, prop sessions, back care sessions and so much more).

*1 see ‘payment blocks’ to see details of consecutive class block schedule. If you join part-way through (weeks 2 to 4), you’ll pay a pro-rata of the block payment price.

*2 For just £6, in addition to your 5 class block, you’ll receive all of the on-demand membership access for the duration (or part-thereof) of your 5 class block

Payment blocks

To get the best value for attending your Pilates session in the community, you can purchase a block of 5 consecutive classes. 

Check the PRICING section to see the super value options we have available.

Sometimes your 5 class block may run over 6 weeks (or more), due to term breaks, or bank-holidays.
In this case, if you have upgraded to the COMBO option – then you have the added bonus of access to our ON-DEMAND Pilates site for more than the 5 weeks 👍!

What to bring / What to wear

All you need to bring along to class is a mat and maybe a couple of hand-towels for support.

Please come along in comfortable clothing such as leggings / running leggings / tracksuit bottoms / joggers and comfortable top.

Please try to avoid wearing anything that may impede your movement, such as buckles, big zips on the back of trousers etc.

(If you would like to wear shorts , some people prefer to wear cycling shorts underneath their shorts to protect their dignity.)

Please remember to keep yourself hydrated during class – be sure to bring along a water bottle too.

Minimum Requirements and Safety

You must be at least 18 years of age to join class.

Accommodations can be made for certain positions on the mat as needed, however, for your safety, you must be able to get up and down off of the floor and be able to move around the mat, as a minimum requirement.

(if you believe this would be a problem for you, maybe check out our Rehabilitation classes as an alternative option)

Although all COVID restrictions have been lifted, I like to ensure you that you still feel safe in the group-class environment.

Therefore, I always provide access to a bottle of sanitiser in the room (available on the window ledge when you walk in the door) and ask that you respectively allow room for others as you enter/exit the room. 

I also keep numbers in the room to a level that you can all feel that you have plenty of space available to move freely and don’t feel squashed in. Therefore spaces are limited – please check for availability.

Book your class

Booking is simple!

Contact Tanya to book your space, stating your preferred option and class day/time

I look forward to hearing from you, Tanya x

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Find out more about what we do at Intensys Life:

You can contact Tanya on intensyslife@outlook.com or 07780 626 319

Tanya is the founder of Intensys Life. Some years ago now, Tanya was recommended Pilates to help manage her newly diagnosed hypermobility condition. It turned her life around, taking her from a very poorly place, in constant agonising pain, to now being able to live life to the full… all thanks to Pilates. Amazed by her own progress, it is no wonder that Tanya is committed to helping others by sharing the wonders of Pilates.

Tanya is a Rehabilitative Specialist, helping others manage chronic pains and conditions. She is also is a:

  • Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Certified Specialist
    helping women and men with the tightness that follows breast cancer surgery
  • Hypermobility Specialist
    helping others to manage their Ehlers Danlos Syndrome / Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder / Hypermobility condition