Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about in regards to Pilates?

You may wonder if it is just another exercise fad, or feel that the movements are not intense/aerobic enough to be doing any use… Well, this is where you’d be mistaken.

It’s certainly not a fad, Joseph Pilates began his work (which he called ‘Contrology’) during World War I, so it’s been around a long time.  And as for doing you any good… more and more medical professionals these days are prescribing Pilates for rehabilitation purposes and promoting its health benefits to everyone.  In fact, I came to Pilates via the rehabilitation route.

Highlights of just some of the Benefits of Pilates:

  • Improved Posture
    • Pilates exercises work on developing all muscles in the body (in a balanced way), thus enabling your body to hold your posture in the way it was designed to
  • Reduced Everyday Pain
    • Back, hips, knees, neck/shoulders, headaches, arthritis are common areas of pain, Pilates exercises will strengthen and lengthen your individual muscles to combat everyday stresses we put our bodies through:
      • sedentary lifestyle:  sitting at desks all day, long car journeys
      • lifting: the children/grandchildren, books, heavy loads
      • hobbies: gardening, knitting/crafting, running/cycling/tennis/football
      • stretching/reaching: washing the car, painting/DIY
      • etc.
  • Flexibility, Joint mobility, Increasing strength
    • Pilates exercises target the abdominals, gluteals, legs, back (Inc. shoulders) to improve your core strength.  Exercises focus on precision and control to improve muscle strength, mobility and flexibility in all areas of the body.
  • Tailored / Adaptive  Approach
    • This is what I love about Pilates!
    • Pilates can be adapted to your particular needs.
      Each person has their own individual goals and Pilates can help you at your pace, to your journey, no need to worry how this compares with anther individual’s journey.

As a qualified Pilates Coach, I can help you in your personal journey, be it your desire to improve your general well-being, or recovering from a particular injury, or if like myself, you are prone to ongoing injuries due to Hypermobility.  Feel free to contact me to see how I can help you.

And remember… keep smiling 🙂

Tanya x