Feedback, Testimonials

Feedback, Testimonials

Scroll down to see just some of the feedback received and to read personal testimonials from clients.


“Your classes are doing me so much good; my body feels stronger and more balanced, and my back has not given me any trouble for many months. I do enjoy the classes… and feel invigorated afterwards”

“I am 5ft 8inches tall, but after my class I feel over 6ft tall”

“…[Tanya] has made the class enjoyable and accessible ensuring that everyone can join in. “

“I have enjoyed her classes and definitely benefited from them…”

“…thank you for the personal yet professional approach shown… a special thank you to Tanya”

“I have really enjoyed my sessions and Tanya is fantastic and has really helped me, “

“I enjoyed my attendances very much and found Tanya extremely knowledgeable and considerate”

“…you are an inspiration for overcoming your physical problems so amazingly.”

“Thank You again for another fab term”


“Once again, Pilates and correct posture has been a life saver!  Went on a walk yesterday with slippery rocks and steep declines.  Usually my ankles and knees would burn afterwards but yesterday, I decided I wasn’t going to let the hypermobility get in the way of seeing some pretty spectacular scenery.  With stretching and thinking… Continue reading Cheryl, Mat Class Client on her amazing trekking holiday

Cheryl, Mat Class Client on her amazing trekking holiday

Tanya is a brilliant instructor. I am so grateful to her for the work she has done with me to correct my posture and strengthen my muscles using Pilates. Over the past year I have seen a massive improvement with my hEDS (hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome- which Tanya has extensive knowledge in) particularly my joint… Continue reading Chloe, One2One Rehabilitation Client

Chloe, One2One Rehabilitation Client

I have been a competitive Triathlete for many years but lower back pain which started three minutes into any run forced me to stop running altogether. Every morning I would get out of bed with back pain and slowly have to stretch to be able to start the day. I tried physiotherapy, massage, rest, different… Continue reading Fraser, Workplace Wellbeing Class Client

Fraser, Workplace Wellbeing Class Client

“Pilates came into my life at just the right time.  I had tried various different classes and had even joined a Gym to help keep me mobile as I suffer with chronic back pain. Then after a flyer came through my door I decided to try Pilates.  One of the best decisions I have made!… Continue reading Janine, Mat and Reformer Class Client

Janine, Mat and Reformer Class Client

Julie and I have been attending a weekly Pilates class with Tanya for over a year now. I knew that Julie would embrace and enjoy the class but I was much more sceptical about my own enthusiasm!  We are both in our early 50’s and whilst Julie is active and fit I sit at a… Continue reading Mark and Julie, Mat Class Clients

Mark and Julie, Mat Class Clients

Having waited 5 years for major abdominal surgery to remove a large aneurysm, I was keen to strengthen my muscles again so I could quickly gain my mobility back.  Tanya completely put me at ease. I had no idea what Pilates was and was very nervous about any pains the exercises might cause me.  I… Continue reading Paul D.

Paul D.

“I have been attending Tanya’s Pilates classes for over 18 months for both mat work and reformer, and, as someone who is not a fan of exercising I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy both classes. Tanya is excellent at demonstrating and explaining the various movements and will adapt them to accommodate any injuries or… Continue reading Sue, Mat Class and Reformer Class Client

Sue, Mat Class and Reformer Class Client

My lower back was causing me pain following any amount of work in the garden.  The pains would just not go away and given I have such a large garden I needed to sort the issue quick.  I came to Tanya with an aim of being able to spend many hours in the garden, without… Continue reading Susan