1 on 1 Reformer Classes

Are you a seasoned mat-work Pilates goer and you are ready to take your Pilates to the next level?

Maybe you’ve not practiced mat-work Pilates before, but you just don’t fancy joining a group class setting, and you like the idea of the undivided attention of your Pilates instructor during your session.

Now, you can enjoy your Pilates on the Pilates Reformer

Hi, I’m Tanya, the founder of Intensys Life and you can enjoy Reformer sessions with me, ,either in my studio in Sileby, or remotely via zoom if you are not local and you are very lucky to own your very own home-reformer.

The Pilates Reformer is an amazing piece of equipment, so versatile, with endless capabilities. You’ll just love it!

Not only will you come away with a great big smile on your face having loved your session, but you’ll also come away feeling the amazing benefits to your spine and the whole of the body. You’ve feel more flexible and stronger, and have a great feeling of openness in the body…just like you are floating on air.

You can hold sessions on a regular basis, or maybe it is your occasional treat.

Either way, we’ll book you in, at a time that suits both of us.

I look forward to welcoming you into a Reformer class with me soon.

Tanya x

Find out more below.

What is the Reformer?

A Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself.  An elegant apparatus that consists of a carriage that moves back and forth along tracks, with the use of resistance pulleys, to enable you to practice a multitude of Pilates exercises and stretches.  The equipment provides excellent feedback of your movement, promoting development of good body alignment, strength, and flexibility/mobility.

What might I expect from my class?

For your 1 hour Reformer session, you will have my 100% support and undivided attention. No sharing of my instruction to anyone else in a group.

I’ll guide you through the whole class, making sure you feel confident and able to get the best our of your session. I’ll also make sure that you gain a full body work-out, so you come away feeling fantastic for the rest of the day.

You can join me in my studio for your Reformer session or on-line with your own home-reformer.

Reformer video – Your class instruction

Have a look at a video here, of me practising on the Pilates Reformer.
This will give you a little insight into how I provide you with instruction in class, guiding your through – each step of the way.
You’ll feel assured and supported throughout and leave the class having thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute within.
How much do the sessions cost?

Sessions are £35 each.

You’ll receive a 60 minute class, of my undivided attention

Session Safety

Your session will not be cut short to squeeze in the next client. My aim is to keep you safe, so you can be assured of the following: *

* even though many of these items are no longer requirements by the government, I believe them to be safe practice and will continue with this accordingly

  • Cleaning
    Classes are spaced out, ensuring sufficient time for thorough cleaning between sessions.
    The Pilates Reformer (and any other equipment) is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as are the frequently touched areas. You can enter the studio in the knowledge that you’ll be entering a clean environment
  • PPE
    I’ll wear a mask throughout our session, to minimise any potential airborne risks
    As you shall be the one exercising, it is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation) that you do not wear a mask through your session
  • Thermometer Check
    Before entering the studio, I shall take a reading of your forehead to check that you do not have an elevated temperature. I shall also take mine in front of you, so that you can see that I too, have a temperature within acceptable range.
    My thermometer is a ‘No Touch Forehead Digital Thermometer’, of CE certification, providing an immediate and accurate reading.

If you feel that you need a more tailored approach to your 1 on 1 sessions – to help you get on-top of that injury, or to help you understand how to manage your chronic condition, then please check out my Rehabilitative Sessions.

Tanya is a Rehabilitative Specialist, a Pink Ribbon Post Rehab certified exercise specialist and specialises in supporting hypermobility (Ehlers Danlos / Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder) as this is something that she herself successfully manages with Pilates.