Pilates For You

Pilates encompasses a whole body approach to exercise and can help you move freely to enjoy your life to the full.

I provide small group mat-work classes and micro group reformer classes in Leicestershire.

In addition to classes, I also provide personalised tailored sessions.  My One To One Rehabilitation services can be offered at a Studio Clinic in Loughborough, in your own home (Leicestershire, UK), or remotely via Skype.

Finally, I also provide a number of Workplace Well Being services.  From ongoing classes for your team, special workshops for movement health, deskside exercises and back to work programmes.

Contact Tanya to see how I can help you with your Pilates Journey:

tel.   +44 (0) 7780 626 319           email. intensyslife@outlook.com

* Qualified (level 3) Pilates Coach
* Hypermobility Specialist
* Rehabilitation Specialist