One To One Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation sessions are personalised tailored sessions, adapted for your particular need. 

These sessions take a whole body ‘integrated system’ approach to help you get moving, and achieve your goal.  That maybe to be able to simply enjoy everyday life or to achieve greater goals. 

Example goals:

  • everyday life…resolving nagging back pains
  • everyday life…spend more time with grandchildren
  • resolving an injury/injuries…recent or old
  • pre and post-surgery support
  • managing chronic conditions

Rehabilitation sessions can be provided to you in the following ways…

  • In our dedicated Studio in Sileby, LE12, UK
  • Online via Zoom

Contact Tanya to see how I can help you with your Pilates Journey:

tel.   +44 (0) 7780 626 319           email.

* Hypermobility Specialist (EDS, HSD)
* Rehabilitation Specialist