Mat Classes

What Are Mat Classes?… and What Exactly is Pilates?

Within a mat class, you will be guided through Pilates exercises on soft floor mats, practising controlled low-impact movements.  Pilates is the practice of a wide variety of exercises for muscle strengthening and joint flexibility…enabling you to move freely and enjoy doing what you like to do in your life.

The exercises were originally created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, as a form of rehabilitation for wounded WW1 soldiers.  These exercises have stood the test of time and still focus on principles of postural alignment, balance and core stability.  Allowing your body to move how it was intended to.

Small Group Classes

I provide group mat-work classes in Leicestershire, UK.

  • Class size is limited to a maximum 13 members within a session
    • ensuring your personal aims and abilities are looked after
    • allowing you to practice in a safe and controlled way
  • Alternative movements will be provided if you find a particular exercise uncomfortable.  Pilates should never be practised through pain
  • Each class lasts for one hour

We are all individuals, on our own personal journey and this is something that I actively promote so that everyone feels welcomed.  Whether you are interested in Pilates to fit your existing lifestyle, or looking for it to help you achieve your desired lifestyle as a means of rehabilitation… you can be assured of an enjoyable session and feel the benefits in your body.

Contact Tanya on how to join and check for availability of the following classes:

Sileby, Loughborough, UK

  • Warm, pleasant and comfortable modern social hall
  • Term time classes (36 weeks a year)
  • Mondays, 09:30 hrs
  • Mondays, 10:30 hrs
  • Mondays, 18:30 hrs
  • Mondays, 19:30 hrs


I look forward to you joining me
Tanya x



All mat classes provided in conjunction with Jane Thomas Pilates