Hypermobile Issues

Firstly, may I just clarify, that the spectrum of hypermobility conditions and their issues/symptoms are so wide and so varied that there is no such description as ‘typical’, but to give you a general idea and understanding, here are some that many experience…

Not everyone experiences problems/pains with their hypermobility and continue to enjoy the benefits of extra flexibility for engaging in sports/arts.

However, many people do suffer with a variety of symptoms due to their hypermobility and each persons experience will be unique to another person with the same condition.

For quick reading, I have placed below here, a list of typical symptoms experienced as a result of hypermobility problems/pains.  This list is not exhaustive and you may not be experiencing them all, but provides a quick reference to help gain a good understanding of hypermobility conditions for yourself or someone you know.  For further detail, see the useful links section.

the list below is under construction..I’ll be back soon to update properly

Joint (ligament) related pains
 – Neck, shoulders
–  foot and ankles
– hips, knees, elbows
– hands and wrists
– spine
Sublaxing / popping of joints
Dislocation of joints

Bone-Muscle Connection (Tendon) related pains
– Rib-Cage Bones connecting to Internal and External Obliques Muscles
–  anterior shin splints: Tibia Bone (lower leg) connecting to Tibialis Anterior Muscle

Fatigue / Fibromyalgia
Resistance to Anesthesia
Dental – high pallet, overcrowding
POTS / hypertension
(Ladies) Quick Birthing Delivery
Hearing Problems / Tinnitus