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Creative Back Care – with props

Pelvic Floor and lower back care


Suitable for anyone who is looking to improve their pelvic floor!
Also, perfect

  • during pregnancy, pre and post natal and beyond
  • pre and post surgery
  • gents too, especially so, if you have had a prostatectomy

In class, you will strengthen your pelvic floor, core, and inner thighs. The small soft Pilates ball is great for helping you work your muscles more deeply.

About this video

Length: 34 mins

Level: Beginner

Pace: n/a

Props: Soft Ball

Date: April 1st, 2022

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You can contact Tanya on or 07780 626 319

Tanya is the founder of Intensys Life. Some years ago now, Tanya was recommended Pilates to help manage her newly diagnosed hypermobility condition. It turned her life around, taking her from a very poorly place, in constant agonising pain, to now being able to live life to the full… all thanks to Pilates. Amazed by her own progress, it is no wonder that Tanya is committed to helping others by sharing the wonders of Pilates.

Tanya is a Rehabilitative Specialist, helping others manage chronic pains and conditions. She is also is a:

  • Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Certified Specialist
    helping women and men with the tightness that follows breast cancer surgery
  • Hypermobility Specialist
    helping others to manage their Ehlers Danlos Syndrome / Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder / Hypermobility condition <<find out more here>>