Hey February!

 Hey February!

I am glad to be writing with a spring in my step, not only because spring is ultimately around the corner and implicitly that makes me feel brighter and more positive, but because January has been a tough month and I’m quite glad to see it gone.  Not meaning to wish the year’s days away, or to dismiss anyone’s special day in that month e.g. a birthday, anniversary… (and if that was you, then I hope you had a wonderful and extra special day), but January was determined to try to bring me down from my normal optimistic self.

My original purpose of this website, was to bring structured well-being support to others and provide a way forward with physical and mental strategies.

My original purpose of this website, was to bring structured well-being support to others and provide a way forward with physical and mental strategies.  However, I’m finding that already, I’ve not had quite the chance to achieve this.  As I write this Post (#2), I’m back again highlighting the ‘ebb and flow’ of my condition(s). I decided nonetheless that it is comforting for others to know we are not alone…and so maybe this still provides some support out there.


Much of January was lost, for I had to ensure I rested well, due to increased pains, fatigue and nausea.  I’m not exactly sure why I had such a bad month, but what I do know is that my body strength was hugely reduced.  THE MOST FRUSTRATING part of that for me, was, that for the last 6 months of 2017, I was feeling particularly strong and had experienced limited pains.  I was not impressed with this return of events.


Time for a brighter outlook don’t you think?  It’s February….a new month: the month of LOVE.  Time to remember that we are all individuals, and to remember that if we continue to focus on our own well-being and health (giving ourselves a bit of love) and accepting our imperfections, then things can only get better.

For me, this means I shall:

  • Remain focused on what I have control over
    (not concerning myself with things I have no control over) 
  • Be rebuilding my lost strength
    (with Pilates of course)
  • Continue at my pace
    (resting when needed, listening to my body, to maintain forward steps)
  • Helping Others
    (I love to see how my coaching of Pilates to others helps them too, adjusting techniques to help with their individual journey)
  • last BUT NO MEANS LEAST…Sharing love with others
    (showing those around you that you love and appreciate them – that can only help our mental inner well-being right?)

What about you?  How do you plan to keep positive this month?

Tanya x


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